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For as long as I remember I have been driven by wanderlust and I’m always enjoying the butterflies in my stomach when I’m finally leaving for the next trip. My name is Kathrin and I started Dreams of Freedom in order to write about my past travels and take my readers with me on new adventures.

I am originally from Germany and in summer 2012 I moved to the United States. I am traveling a lot within the country in order to get to know my new home better.

In 2008 I had the opportunity to go to the Malaysian island Pulau Talang-Talang Besar near Borneo with a German camera team.
During a project for the conservation of sea turtles, there were picked 4 out of 250 people to participate in the very first “Sarawak Sea Turtle Volunteer Programme”.

Articles and photos can be found here. Some of the videos broadcasted on tv can be seen here.

Dreams of Freedom

Dreams of Freedom is a luxury travel blog. However “luxury” is not only to be perceived as “expensive”. Yes, a safari in Africa or a trip through China are high priced but I want to draw a comparison between luxury and freedom.

I want to inspire people to not only follow their dreams but change their lives. I want them to create freedom in every aspect of their life. Freedom in business as well as personal freedom.

Social Media (02/2022)

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A majority of my readers are from:

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I have visited these countries:

Bahamas, Canada, China, Czech Republic, Germany, England, France, Greece, Italy, Malaysia, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Tunisia, Turkey, United States

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