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I’m glad you found your way to my travel blog Dreams of Freedom. My name is Kathrin and I started this blog to talk about my past travels and take you with me on new adventures. The idea is not only to have others partake in my travels but also to give travel tips and awaken some wanderlust. The sweet pain that makes us hit the road and seach for the unknown.

In 2012 I moved from Germany to the United States and maybe closer to myself. It wasn’t easy to fit my life into 2 suitcases – or at least the things I thought I would need. But it was also liberating to go through the process of letting go and getting rid of things. It shouldn’t be objects that make us happy but the places we go to, the people we spend time with and the memories we take with us.

Even though I live in the US now, I learned that “home” is a state of mind, rather than a place. I get to know more and more about what it takes to live and work location independent, which is the greatest gift I could make myself.

You shall not fold your wings that you may pass through doors, nor bend your heads that they strike not against a ceiling, nor fear to breathe lest walls should crack and fall down.
You shall not dwell in tombs made by the dead for the living.
And though of magnificence and splendor, your house shall not hold your secret nor shelter your longing.
For that which is boundless in you abides in the mansion of the sky, whose door is the morning mist, and whose windows are the songs and the silences of night.” – Kahlil Gibran

Have fun reading this travel blog, traveling yourself and – if you like – sharing your stories about living out of a suitcase, as I do.

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